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1.    Beginning Math Activities                

  1.   BBC Education's  Number Time Games
    1. Simple Add and Subtract
      1. Test the Toad  ( + and -  problems with numbers 1-15)
      2. Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction)
    2. Number Recognition/Sequencing
      1. Dart Board Level 1 (recognize numbers 1-9)
      2. Find the Number  (Recognition activity for numbers 1-10)
      3. Mend the Number Square ( Place missing numbers on 1-100 grid)
      4. Count Along to 100
      5. Find One More  (matching game)
      6. Numberjacks Snap (matching game digits 1-5)
    3. Snakes and Ladders  (1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders)
    4. Puzzler Jigsaw  (3 levels of jigsaw puzzles:  4pieces, 9 pieces, 16 pieces)
    5. Shaper Japer Dominoes
    6. Watch Addem (Number Movies)
    7. Number Songs  
  2.  FunBrain Activities
    1. Number Recognition/Sequencing
      1. Bunny Count ( count and match numbers and characters)
      2. One False Move (sequence numbers from lowest to highest)
      3. Guess the Number (guess number with high low clues)
    2. Math Brain Activities (25 Board Games to teach skills)
  3. Funschool: Preschool
    1. Fishin'  Mission (count the number and fish and put them in the net)
    2. Stacker  (stack the blocks in sequence order)
    3. Connect the Numbers (from smallest to largest order)
  4. Learning Planet Activities
    1. Number Recognition/Counting/Sequencing
      1. Count Your Chickens ( counting activity)
      2. 1 2 3 Order  (what comes next... up to 10)
      3. Number Train ( make a train and count the cars)
  5. AAA Math Activities (click on grade school level)
  6. Base 10 Count  (group ones into ten... see what number is made)
  7. Primary Math Games Index
  8. I Know That
  9. Teach R Kids
  10. KidPort Math Activities by Grade:
    1. Kindergarten
    2. First
    3. Second
    4. Third
  11. Count Us In Games
  12. Buzzing with Shapes 
  13. Shaper Japer Dominoes  
  14. Parent Help Sites
    1. At Home with Math
    2. I Know That
    3. Figure This
  15. Britannica Math Learning Activities
  16. Learning about Time


2.  Facts / Whole Numbers / Number Line                                             Back to Top

  1. Addition and Subtraction Activities
    1. Addition Surprise 
    2. Can You Balance?
    3. Addition Fact Challenge 
    4. Elementary Math Games Addition
    5. 3 Digit Addition Activity 
    6. Addition of 3 Digits (using base ten blocks)
    7. Subtraction Fact Challenge 
    8. Elementary Math Games Subtraction
    9. 3 Digit Subtraction Activity 
    10. Dart Board Game (BBC simple addition.. click on control panel to change levels)
    11. Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction)
    12. Add It Up ( add up number tiles to get target number)
    13. Primary Math Games Index
  2. Addition or Subtraction or Multiplication or Division
    1. Spacey Math by Planet Learning ( fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)
    2. Interactive Multiplication Games (14 different games to help with multiplication facts)
      1. Flash Fun (practice on own)
      2. Quick Flash (computer quizzes you on level chosen)
      3. Multiflyer
    3. Math Mayhem by LearningPlanet ( +, -, *, / timed practice)
    4. Math Mastery CyberChallenge (+, -, *, / timed practice)
    5. Mad Math Minute ( +, - *, / online quizzes)
    6. Multiplication Matho (race for time as you practice your facts)  
    7. Basic Multiplication Fact Challenge
    8. Basic Division Fact Challenge
    9. Break the Code (basic fact recall)
    10. Elementary Math Games Multiplication
    11. A+ Math Games  ( basic operation activities)
    12. Coloring Book Math ( color online doing math problems)
    13. Math 4 Kids  
    14. Math Activities at Syvum (Helps build basic skills)
    15. Mighty Math Calculating Crew... Multiplication Practice
    16. A+ Math Flashcards( math flashcards and math games for basic operations)
    17. Schoolhouse Flash (click on green start button bottom right of page to practice math facts... + - * /)
    18. I Know That
    19. MathO
    20. Broken Calculator
    21. Arithmetic Four
    22. Printable Math Drill Sheets  
      1. Free Math Worksheet Generator
      2. Math Worksheet Creator (Super Kids)
      3. Printable Math Fact Drill Sheets (Donna Young)
      4. Math Worksheets (Click on red links on right side of page)
      5. Math Slice
    23. Free Online Math Tests (click on purple banner at top of page)
  3. Funbrain Activities with + - * / and whole numbers
    1. Cookie Dough  ( read and write numbers on a check)
    2. Math Baseball  ( fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)
    3. Math Baseball for 2 people ( fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)
    4. Math Car Racing ( fun way for fact +, -, * / drills)
    5. Power Football (DECIMAL  fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)
    6. Tic-Tac-Toe Squares ( practice with + - * / squares, cubes )
    7. Change Maker ( work with $1 or $100, pick coins / bills for change)
  4. Watch Addem (Number Movies)

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3.   Factors/ Multiples/ Primes/ Powers/ Triangular Numbers

  1. Product Game  (ILLUMINATIONS NCTM) [ game of skill with factors and multiples] 
  2. Factor Game  (ILLUMINATIONS NCTM) [ game of skill with factors]
  3. Grid Game by BCC Maths File (find factors, multiples, primes, triangular numbers, and/or powers on a grid)
  4. Multiplication Mystery
  5. Multiple Matrix

4.  Fractions

  1. What is a Fraction?
    1. Who Wants Pizza (a fun way to learn about fractions)
    2. WebMath:  Get a Fraction  (get a visual picture)
    3. Math Matching...  Fractions to Models
    4. Mystery Picture with Fraction Word Problems (by Dositey)
  2. Equivalent Fractions
    1. Fraction Frenzie Activity by LearningPlanet ( match equivalent fractions before time runs out)
    2. Fraction Game Tool (Illuminations NCTM)[ move game pieces to other side of board) 
    3. Mighty Math Matching... Equivalent Fractions
    4. Fresh Baked Fractions Activity by Funbrain( find fraction that is not equivalent to the rest)
    5. Soccer Shootout  Activity  by Funbrain( addition and subtraction of fractions)
  3.  Fraction/Decimal Relationships
    1. Math Matching... Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
    2. Math Matching... MORE Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
    3. Math Matching... MORE Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
    4. Math Matching... Fractions, Decimal, % Equivalents
    5. Salon Snap Activity by BBC Maths Files ( match fractions to decimals and %)
    6. Double Fun Match Activity (Click on Fraction/Decimal)  by Funbrain (Match Fractions to Decimal Equivalent)
    7. Fraction Decimal Conversion ( JAVA games matching fractions to equivalent decimals)
  4. Finding a Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  5. Fractions
  6. All About Fractions by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about fractions)
  7. Visual Fractions  
  8. I Know That: Fractions Workshop  
  9. I Know That:  Fishy Fractions

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5Geometry/ Area / Perimeter

  1. General Geometrical Terms
    1. Geometry Flashcards by APlusMath ( match picture to name)
    2. Geometric Terms (JAVA games with common geometric terms)
    3. Online Activities for Geometrical Terms  (from Thinkquest.. Nuts about Geometry)
    4. All About Geometry  by AAA Math ( Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about geometry)
  2. Polygons/ Shapes /Nets
    1. Shape Database by Ambleweb
    2. Online Pattern Blocks 
      1. Designer Fractions Activity
    3. Interactives: 3 D Shapes 
    4. Nets
      1. Mighty Math.....Nets
      2. Patterns for Solids Figures (Nets)
  3. Angles
    1. Angles (WiseUp from BBC) 
    2. Angles and Terms
    3. What's My Angle (protractor activities by Ambleweb)
    4. Angle Activities by Ambleweb
    5. Measuring Angles by KidPort
    6. Banana Hunt
    7. Introduction to Angles ( JAVA games with common terms related to angles)
  4. Area/ Perimeter
    1. Math Playground: Area and Perimeter
      1. Area and Perimeter Problems to solve
    2. Shape Surveyor  Activity  by Funbrain( solve simple area/perimeter problems)
    3. Mrs Glosser's lessons on Area and Perimeter of Polygons (lessons and activity)
      1. Perimeter of Polygon (Lesson with activity)
      2. Area of Rectangles and Squares (Lesson with activity)
      3. Area of Parallelogram (Lesson with activity)
      4. Area of Triangle (Lesson with activity)
      5. Area of Trapezoid (Lesson with activity)
  5. Symmetry/ Rotations/ Reflections/ Transformations
    1. Symmetry Online Activity
    2. Perfectly Symmetrical.... Rotations
    3. Bathroom Tiles by BBC Maths File ( move bathroom tiles by rotating, reflecting, and translating the patterns) Challenging!!
  6. About Space Activities (from the Annenberg Teacher Project)
    1. I Took a Trip on a Train
    2. Plot Plans and Silhouette
    3. Shadows
  7. About Shape Activities (from the Annenberg Teacher Project)
    1. Quilts
    2. Taxicab Treasure Hunt
  8. Tangrams
    1. Tangrams by KidsCom
    2. Tangrams
    3. Tangrams (Online Tangram activities)
  9. Tessellations 
    1. What are Tessellations by Cool Math
    2. What is a Tessellation?
    3. Totally Tessellated
    4. Tessellation Tool
  10. Challenge of the 7 Cups Activity (Geometry of the Ancients) Challenging!!

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  1. Create a Graph Activity (online activity... create bar graph, pie chart, line graph)
  2. Data Picking Activity by BBC Maths File ( make frequency chart and graph data)
  3. Make a BAR Graph
  4. Flash Demos for Understanding Statistics 
  5. Planet Hop Activity by BBC Maths File ( find coordinates of object & graph equation) Challenging!!
  6. What's the Point? Activity by Funbrain (graphing with coordinate points)
  7. Funbased Learning Graphing Games
    1. Easy Version Graph Game
    2. Medium Version Graph Game
    3. Hard Version Graph Game
  8. Looking for the Top Quark Game  (graphing game)
  9. Lunar Adventure Activity by LearningPlanet (graph coordinates to capture asteroids) Challenging!!

7.  Integers

  1. Line Jumper Activity by Funbrain (solve + and - INTEGER problems using the NUMBER LINE)
  2. Builder Ted Activity by BBC Maths File (activity that paces integers in numerical order)
  3. Mystery Picture with Integers (by Dositey)

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8.    Online Logic Puzzles/Games

  1. Add It Up
  2. Battleship
  3. Peg Solitare
  4. Cut The Knot
  5. Cryptogram Game (decode messages... letters have been replace with other letters of the alphabet)
  6. Figure This (NCTM)
  7. Interactive Fun Puzzles (many logic puzzles for both younger and older children)
  8. Marbles and Row Puzzle
  9. Mahjongg Puzzle
  10. Math Puzzles (from Discovery School)
  11. Triple Quintzee (like yahtzee)
  12. Math Games (by Math Playground)
  13. Logic Games (by Math Playground)

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9.  Mean, Mode, Median

  1. Weather Today by BBC Education (Activity, Fact Sheet, ONLINE test)
  2. Mrs Glosser's lesson on Statistics....Range, Mean, Mode, Median (online lesson and activity)
  3. Train Race Activity  by BBC Maths File ( need to use own calculator with this)
  4. AAA Statistics

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10.  Measurement/ Weight

  1. Matching Customary Measures
  2. Measure It Activity by Funbrain ( read a ruler in centimeters or inches)
  3. Animal Weigh In Activity by BBC Maths File ( activity that balances weights on a scale)

11.  Missing number in the series / Patterns

  1. Patterns (BBC Wisenut) 
  2. Number Cracker   Activity by Funbrain (guess  next number in the SERIES)
  3. Geometry Pattern  Activity
  4. Number Pattern  Activity
  5. Crazy Pattern Machine
  6. Pattern Games Activity ( find missing band member to complete the pattern)

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12.   PreAlgebra/ Algebra Activities

  1. Late Delivery Activity by BBC Maths File ( find value of an expression )
  2. Equation Match Activity by BBC Maths File ( matching game with = equations)
  3. Evaluating an Equation with 1 variable  by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about equations)
  4. Function Machines:
    1. Function Machine
    2. Whole Number Cruncher Machine
    3. Number Cruncher Machine
  5. Order of Operations
    1. Matho 2
    2. Order of Operations (division and addition.. by Dosity)
    3. Order of Operations Activity
    4. Math Frog Activity
    5. Order of Operations  (Mrs Glosser's online lesson and activity)
    6. Operation Order Activity by Funbrain (complete equations using 3 numbers)
  6. Solving Equations:
    1. Webwise... CLICK ON....Solving Equations with BALANCE STRATEGY
    2. Webwise... CLICK ON....Solving Equations with BALANCE STRATEGY Game  (keeps points)
    3.  Virtual Manipulative's Balance Scale ( to help solve equations)
    4. Algebra Four
  7. Guess the Number(s)
    1. Weigh the Wangdoodle  (by Math Playground)
      1. Weigh the Wangdoodle Level 1 (addition)
      2. Weigh the Wangdoodle Level 2 (multiplication)
      3. Weigh the Wangdoodle Level 3 (multiplication)
    2. Funbrain Magician  Activity
  8. Virtual Manipulative's  Algebra Tiles 
  9. Mrs Glosser's lesson...Topics in PreAlgebra (online lesson and activity)
    1. Writing Algebraic Equations for word sentences 
  10. Solving An Equation  by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about equations)
  11. Patterns, Functions, and Algebra (
  12. Algebra Webquests
    1. Algebra Quest
    2. March Madness
  13. Absurd Math.. Interactive pre-algebra problem solving games Challenging
    1. Nomean City  Activity
    2. Dr. Plenobius Activity
    3. The 7th Floor Activity
    4. Airtight College Activity

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  1. Place Value Pirates
  2. Wise Up... Our Number System ( BBC)
  3. Me and My Math... click on Numbers and Place Value
  4. Frog Palace ( PLACE VALUE activity for ones, tens, hundreds place)
  5. WebMath: Placevalue
  6. Place Value Game
  7. All About Place Value  by AAA Math ( Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about place value)

14.  Probability

  1. Fish Tank Activity by BBC Maths File ( guess probability of catching fish in the tank)
  2. Mrs Glosser's lesson onProbability(online lessons and activity)
  3. What Are Your Chances?  (National Center for Education Statistics) 

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15.  Rounding

  1. Rounding Off Numbers Activity by BBC Maths File
  2. Estimation by Rounding Activity
  3. Place Value Puzzler Activityby Funbrain (type in rounded version of number)
  4. Rounding Flashcards
  5. Rounding Decimals to Whole Numbers Game
  6. Hangman Rounding


  1. Battleship
  2. Cryptogram Game (decode messages... letters have been replace with other letters of the alphabet)
  3. Enchanted Mind Java Puzzles
    1. Pentominos
    2. Tangrams
    3. Pyramid Puzzle
    4. Peg Solitaire
    5. Mastermind
    6. Knight's Tour
  4. Flash Games
  5. FunBrain Number Games
  6. Fun Math Memory Game
  7. Marbles and Row Puzzle
  8. Mahjongg Puzzle
  9. Math Brain Games
  10. Mega-Math Activities   
  11. Mental Math Tricks
  12. Peg Solitare
  13. Puzzle Picnic
  14. Reversi  
  15. Simon Says Puzzle (Click on color sequence. See how long you can go )
  16. Soma Cube Fun ( active Soma Cube puzzles)
  17. Su Doku puzzles
  18. Who wants to be a Mathionaire? 
  19. Yahtzee Game 


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17.  Metric

  1. Math Matching... Metric Equivalents  
  2. Math Matching... MORE Metric Equivalents  
  3. Metric Matters (Thinkquest tutorial about metric system)
  4. Measure It Activity by Funbrain ( read a ruler in centimeters)
  5. MetricsBritish and English conversions


  1. Learning to Use Money
  2. WebMath: Help Me Count U.S. Coins
  3. Change Maker Activity by Funbrain ( work with $1 or $100, pick coins / bills for change)
  4. Counting Change Game
  5. H.I.P Pocket Change ( by US Mint Dept)  GREAT SITE!!!
    1. Games
    2. Cartoons
    3. Time Machine
    4. Coin News
    5. Teacher Help
  6. Money by AAA Math 
  7. Fleet Kids ( Activities about money management, investing, etc.)
  8. Moneyopolis ( financial planning game )

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19.  Math in Daily Life

  1. Math in Daily Life

20Math Problems of the Week/ Word Problems

  1. Word Problems for Kids
  2. Word Problems (by Math Playground))
  3. Open Ended Math Problems  
  4. Brain Teasers ( Grades 3,4,5,6,7+)
  5. Math Statistics Teaser Challenges
  6. Aunty Math Problems
  7. Figure This  ( Math index by National Science Foundation & US Dept. of Ed)
  8. Figure This (problems for Middle School students )

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21.  Math questions and answers

  1. Ask Dr. Math

22.  Famous Mathematicians and History of Mathematics ( over 1000 biographies)

23.  Vocabulary

  1. Math Dictionary for Kids
  2. Harcourt Math Vocabulary

24.  Everyday Math Resources

  1. Everyday Math SAMPLE Online Games 


Teacher Resources

  6. by NCTM  
    1. Interactive Math Tools
    2. Selected Web Resources
    3. Internet-Based Lessons
    1. for Teachers 
    2. for Parents
  8. Math Forum  (Math Web Units and lesson plans and more)
  9. Printable Math Drill Sheets  
    1. Math Worksheet Creator (Super Kids)
    2. Printable Math Fact Drill Sheets (Donna Young)
    3. Math Slice
  10. Math Libs
  11. Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
  12. Math Ideas (Math ideas/lessons for a variety of topics)
  13. Math Playground
  14. NCTM
  15. NZ Maths Home Page (lesson plan help from New Zealand)
  16. Plane Math Lesson Help  
  17. Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM)
  18. National Library of Virtual  Manipulatives 
  19. Scholastic Math Activities indexed by topics
  20. Shape and Space in Geometry (from the Annenberg Teacher Project)
  21. Teach R Kids 
  22. Online Activities by Shodor
  23. Free Online Math Tests (click on purple banner at top of page)
  24. Online Worksheets (click on red links of right side of page)


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